Mike O'Donnell is the answer to Chicagoland’s entertainment needs, placing magic in the hands of bewildered fans for the past twenty years! Master manipulator of “close-up” magic, Mike’s illusions are out in the open for everyone to see and take part in. Whether on a stage or strolling through the crowd, his intimate style of magic is ideal for most occasions and sure to please your guests. 


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Whoever said to keep business and pleasure separate surely hasn’t witnessed Mike perform. His knack for infotainment is the perfect addition to your next corporate event, sparking creativity and fun in your associates.  Between his sense of humor and stunning illusions, Mike’s inviting personality is sure to win the hearts of all your guests.

Professional, prompt, courteous and very entertaining. Definitely the highlight of the evening. We look forward to working with you again and would highly recommend your services.
— Courtney Underwood Executive Assistant
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Mike’s specialized style of “mingling magic” is the best type of entertainment for your big day.  He will weave in and out of groups while creating moments of complete astonishment.  Your guests will be amazed at the magic happening before their eyes, and Mike guarantees nothing important will disappear: brides, grooms, rings, etc. Leave it to Mike to ensure all your guests are enjoying themselves so you can focus on you!

Perfect For: Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, Alternatives to Dancing, During Pictures, Pre and Post Ceremony Entertainment, Cocktails.

Mike was so kind and friendly to every family member and friend at our wedding...Some of the best wedding pics are the ones catching the reactions to his magic! We are so grateful to have had his talents, magic and great vibe as part of our day. Thank You!!!
— Bina Patel


Luring potential clients with lighthearted performances that are as informative as they are entertaining, Mike will draw crowds and attention to your booth.  Professional, witty, well-researched, and direct, Mike’s infotainment will not only enhance your booth's presence, but more importantly your company.

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen that glazed and distant look wash over someone when you’ve lost their attention. Mike has never seen that look. BOOK MIKE TODAY!

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