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Weaving his magic throughout your party, Mike will mingle with guests while performing impossible feats that are as baffling as they are entertaining.  Mike works out of his pockets and takes up no more space than an average guest. Great for the cocktail hour or pre-dinner festivities. Between his sense of humor and stunning illusions Mike's inviting personality is sure to win the hearts of your guests.



Luring potential clients with his lighthearted performances that are highly adaptable and informative, incorporating all of the key elements of your product, idea, or business model at hand.

Professional, witty, well-researched and direct, Mike's magic can only enhance your company's presence by heightening ideas while still revolving around the central theme of your product or service. 



Engaging, astonishing, interactive are just a few words to describe Mike's high energy mind reading and magic program. Mike can tailor the show to address your event message or theme.  This fast paced program is a great way to kick off  your evening or the perfect ending to the night.  Program length depends on your needs (15 minutes to 1 hour).

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